Mega Millions Fans Watch Jackpot Rise

Players and Mega Millions fans cannot believe their eyes! The growing jackpot has now reached $53 million! Players in the 12 states that offer Mega Millions won big with a total of 478,794 tickets claimed prizes. You don’t have to be an online casinos guru, nor do you have to love casino games, in order to play Mega Millions. All you have to do is really want to win!

Although many prizes were handed out this past Friday, no one claimed the jackpot. Three tickets almost hit the jackpot, but missed the massive money bag by one number! The three tickets were purchased in Ohio, New Jersey, and Illinois. Although the chances of winning are very rare, as much as hitting the right number on an online casinos roulette table or blackjack at a land-based casino table, like casino favorites Mega Millions is fun to play because of the possible thrill of winning.

Now, with the holidays almost here, more and more people are playing at online casinos, lotteries, and even vacationing at casino resort cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. With the time off from work, many casino fans want to gamble, have fun, and truly enjoy themselves while they celebrate the holidays with their families and friends. We will wait and see if there is a winner for the $53 million jackpot! Whoever plays – good luck and season’s greetings!…

Many Online Casinos Planned For 2006

Many new online casinos are planned for 2006. At a time when just about everyone and their brother plays at online casinos, there really isn’t a better time to launch a fresh new casino online. One of the newest online casinos that has been launched recently is Player City.

Player City is getting off to a successful start by providing all the trimmings that online casinos players simply demand. Great game selection, excellent customer services, great progressive jackpots, and free practice for those getting to know its software. Player City is being launched with more than one hundred games that online casinos are famous for. The offerings include – online slot machines, online video poker, popular online poker games and much more. One of the most popular games will be a big hit amongst competitive players of online casinos, it is Texas Holdem.

As with all online casinos, this new casino plans to make gamblers feel that they are playing in the heart of Las Vegas, when in actual fact this is an illusion that online casinos give us without having to step out of the comfort of our own home. This casino is a fully licensed online casino which is important to know when checking out new online casinos. It provides all the best features that any experienced player would expect.…

Everything is Possible at Online Casinos

Online casinos have become a place where everything is possible. This was proved by Jon R who won $1.77 playing a 9-line online casinos slots game. Jon R became a millionaire after wagering a total of merely 90 cents. This is a real case of an online casinos miracle. The name of the game he won is the Millionaires Club. This online casinos game is licensed exclusively through Wagerlogic a subsidiary of the famous online casinos software provider Cryptologic.

By now this sort of news is definitely not surprising. It seems that we have been accustomed to online casinos slots games yielding a new millionaire every so often. Some people still feel that online casinos cannot possibly give the same level of excitement as the original land-based casinos but an online casinos winner like Jon R would surely disagree after he felt that amazing thrill when he suddenly became a millionaire.

A.J. Slivinski, Wagerlogic’s Managing Director had this to say, “Wagerlogic games deliver the excitement, the online casinos entertainment and the jackpots to suit everyone. We’re proud to offer our customers and their players the best Internet casino innovations that give you fun ways to win big cash prizes like last week’s US$1.7 million winner. This is the second-largest online casinos win in the history of the industry – and on one of our own patented games, Millionaires Club – and on just a $0.90 bet!”…

Hungarian Online Casinos Advertising Bill Challenged

Sporting Bet, a British based sporting online casinos is planning on challenging an-anti advertisement ruling which was set in motion by the Hungarian appointed Gambling Commission. The online casinos plan to fight the Gambling Commission in a European Union court because it claims that the restriction goes against EU’s ruling in favor of online casino advertising.

The Hungarian authorities decided that the sporting online casinos sites’ advertising in Hungary is illegal because the company does not possess a license to operate as an online casinos site in the country, as required by Hungarian law. The Hungarians have used this loophole, it seems, to bar the online casino from entering into the already small Hungarian online casino market. Sporting Bet, in return, have argued that any prohibition or restriction to its online casino advertising would itself be illegal, because barring a private EU company from performing the same activity as a state-owned company is a contravention of EU’s principles.

The Hungarian Gambling Commission strongly disputes the sports online casinos claims by saying that there are no uniform regulations on online casinos gambling in the EU. It further claims that each and every member state has the right to determine its own regulations regarding the offering of such online casino services from foreign countries, even if the country happens to be an EU member. This seems to be a gray area in EU law and the court will have to decide the outcome.…

Check the Payout Rate at Online Casinos

There are so many online casino sites claiming to be the best and the most honest, that it is sometimes hard to know who is telling the truth and who is not. Checking the payout rates of online casinos is a good way to see whether the site is as good as it claims to be. It is not enough for online casinos to claim that their payout rates are high. Gamblers should be warned to read more into these results and make important decisions about online casinos, based on the information. The most important thing to look out for is whether the payout rates are fluctuating and do not stay the same every month.

Random Number Generator software creates a fluctuating payout rate at online casinos. This is, of course if the software is working properly. If it is not, the payout rates will remain static and will not show a monthly fluctuation. In these types of cases, the online casinos in question are probably not playing fair. Online casinos that show a fluctuating rate of payouts are probably offering fair gaming and could be counted on for honest play.

The results of games at online casinos are random and can obviously never stay the same each month. Online casinos that show the same payout rates month after month are thus best avoided.…

Casino IE Bought by Online Casinos Gaming Corporation

The online casinos gaming corporation PLC, a leading operator and owner of online casinos gaming portals, bought casino IE – its largest online casinos affiliate partner. Casino IE is one of the main Irish online casinos operators and was bought for a £60,000 in cash. The basis of this online casinos purchase is the website online casinos URL, the current online casinos players, the database of registered online casinos users and other online casinos assets.

Chief Executive of the online casinos gaming corporation, Justin Drummond, said “casino IE was responsible for the best results of all our online casinos affiliate partners over the last year. Because of this great performance we believe casino IE can significantly improve our online casinos marketing and online casinos promotion knowledge. This acquisition will enable us to make the most of the potential revenues off this priceless online casinos property. We will convert the online casinos website to a euro denominated Westside and use casino IE to create the foundation for our online casinos expansion into Europe and the euro zone”.…

Camelot Launches Text Lottery

UK lottery operators, Camelot, have launched a new mobile service which means that players are no more than a 20p text away from purchasing a ticket. Mobile users can now text 61111 with their numbers and purchase a virtual ticket for the Lotto, EuroMillions or Daily Play draws. Winners also will be informed of their good fortune by text.

Camelot will be hoping that the new technology will galvanise the state lottery, which has lately suffered from a fall in sales. At the end of the 1990s sales were averaged approximately 100 million a week whereas they currently stand at than 90 million.

Dianne Thompson, chief executive of Camelot, played down the fears expressed by some childrens charities that the new system could facilitate underage gambling, claiming that a sophisticated security system will prevent under sixteens from playing.

She added: The National Lottery is 10 years old this November what better way to celebrate than to report a rise in returns to good causes up and down the UK?

With interactive channels attracting new players to the games, we believe that the launch of National Lottery products on mobile phones will help us to ring up even greater returns to the good causes.…