Hungarian Online Casinos Advertising Bill Challenged

Sporting Bet, a British based sporting online casinos is planning on challenging an-anti advertisement ruling which was set in motion by the Hungarian appointed Gambling Commission. The online casinos plan to fight the Gambling Commission in a European Union court because it claims that the restriction goes against EU’s ruling in favor of online casino advertising.

The Hungarian authorities decided that the sporting online casinos sites’ advertising in Hungary is illegal because the company does not possess a license to operate as an online casinos site in the country, as required by Hungarian law. The Hungarians have used this loophole, it seems, to bar the online casino from entering into the already small Hungarian online casino market. Sporting Bet, in return, have argued that any prohibition or restriction to its online casino advertising would itself be illegal, because barring a private EU company from performing the same activity as a state-owned company is a contravention of EU’s principles.

The Hungarian Gambling Commission strongly disputes the sports online casinos claims by saying that there are no uniform regulations on online casinos gambling in the EU. It further claims that each and every member state has the right to determine its own regulations regarding the offering of such online casino services from foreign countries, even if the country happens to be an EU member. This seems to be a gray area in EU law and the court will have to decide the outcome.…