Everything is Possible at Online Casinos

Online casinos have become a place where everything is possible. This was proved by Jon R who won $1.77 playing a 9-line online casinos slots game. Jon R became a millionaire after wagering a total of merely 90 cents. This is a real case of an online casinos miracle. The name of the game he won is the Millionaires Club. This online casinos game is licensed exclusively through Wagerlogic a subsidiary of the famous online casinos software provider Cryptologic.

By now this sort of news is definitely not surprising. It seems that we have been accustomed to online casinos slots games yielding a new millionaire every so often. Some people still feel that online casinos cannot possibly give the same level of excitement as the original land-based casinos but an online casinos winner like Jon R would surely disagree after he felt that amazing thrill when he suddenly became a millionaire.

A.J. Slivinski, Wagerlogic’s Managing Director had this to say, “Wagerlogic games deliver the excitement, the online casinos entertainment and the jackpots to suit everyone. We’re proud to offer our customers and their players the best Internet casino innovations that give you fun ways to win big cash prizes like last week’s US$1.7 million winner. This is the second-largest online casinos win in the history of the industry – and on one of our own patented games, Millionaires Club – and on just a $0.90 bet!”…